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Mexi & Pizza Restaurant Reviews

“After a big Florida storm we decided to head out to have Mexican food. It was a very delicious impromptu Wednesday dinner. The food was superb, fresh and delicious. Service was fantastic. The place was quiet but we loved to be able to talk and enjoyed our meal without a lot of noise. Portions are big but you’ll manage to eat it all because it’s sooo good. Service was friendly and very good. I have some food sensitivity and requested to have some changes to my dish but nothing was too much trouble for our waitress. I’ll be back soon.”

Mike S.


” It’s a casual dining place, where service is what’s great and they are very attentive to you. The tacos and pizza are really good… On Tuesdays they currently have ‘taco Tuesday’ where you buy a taco and get one free. Their hot sauce is pretty good. The red one is hot and the green one is mild.”

Nino F.


“Just stopped by to get a Hawaiian and a Mexican pizza to go. They were good, crust could have had a little more flavor to make it Perfect, but it was yummy and crispy. My husband said the atmosphere was really nice.”

Johanna G.


“Our host was great and the food was really good. I forgot to take a picture of the food, we were hungry and got in a hurry. We had a pizza and chicken tacos and both were delicious.”

Mason T.